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SFAT Corporate Team Building EVENTS


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We specialise in providing a soft, knowledge based, corporate teambuilding event with as much or as little action as you require. 

Our corporate events are based on placing your team in a situation which is well outside of their usual daily life, thus levelling the team and as such in our scenarios the team is built based on real trust and understanding of each individuals real qualities and capabilities.

Just see what you would do on our adventure day or see our site map for a quick skip around our team building site.

...... see a review of our Special Forces Day on .....


remember - a corporate team building event you will never forget will not find an event like this anywhere else...


military information and techniques

products to buy and military information

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start thinking soldier - think like a switched-on soldier - British Army


 Our Events 'in a nutshell'

Experience an extreme adventure holiday weekend/day, Team Building Day, Corporate Event , using Colt M4 A1 Carbine [ as used by special forces], Fig 11 Targets, Full camouflage combat jacket and trousers,  S10 Respirator, Artic sleeping bag, Basic Webbing, Bush Hat, Section Commanders Battle Book, Maps, Compass, Radios, Explosive Charges, Cam Cream , Helicopter insertion and extraction [optional extra] and much much more - - - we will teach you Camouflage & Concealment, Building a shelter from the elements, Patrolling,  Action on effective enemy fire, Basic Hand Signals, Military Terms, Map Reading & Judging distances, Moving Covertly, Marksmanship principles & zeroing weapons, Winning the Fire Fight, C.T.R. Close Target Recce [Reconnaissance], F.I.B.U.A Fighting in Built up Areas & Building Clearance and much much more - - - in order that you can complete a Close Target Recce of an Enemy position,  Plan a Final Mission and then finally undertake a Hostage Extraction From Terrorist Held Building. 
Providing Team Building to Teams, Building great bonds that last, our experts take your guys apart and rebuild your guys to fight for your business and make them the best.


We will give you the chance to undertake such actions only normally undertaken by the SAS, SBS, Navy Seals, SO19, SO13, Delta Force, SWAT and other such military or counter terrorist units.  You may even become a lean mean anti terrorist machine, which is no bad thing in this day-and-age.


We provide specialists to help you get the best day that you could imagine.  This is one of the best ways to build great team bonds that last.  All of the days that are listed can provide you with the reward that your guys need to make work more rewarding.  In today's world good teams built by expert team building company's are a condition precedent to success.  Just take your time and browse the list of on-line specialist solutions we provide and pick the right corporate team building event for you and your employees.  We want you and your team to have a great bonding day.  From event management to special military training days, it is all here, just take your time and find the best day to suit your needs.



Our Mission is to provide the public with access to  Military Training & Team Building in an Adventure weekend/Day of a lifetime or provide you with all the best aspects of special forces training, without the long commitment or hard effort normally required, for a small fee.... [ absolutely no military experience is required, at all !!! ]


People who have enjoyed the day are companies such as Centrica, Orange/Wanadoo, Cadpo, Vetex, Peoplesoft, Soul Partnership, Tradelocator, Construction Rates etc


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 Full Catalogue of special forces procedures techniques and information

  - buy it now


See our Limited Edition Che Guevara

Fig 11 T Shirt

2 Iconic Images on One Great T Shirt - Che Guevara and The Figure 11

che guevara T shirt

CHE & Fig11 Limited Edition


Sizes are in Medium & Large

MEDIUM - 40/42

LARGE - 42/44

...note these T Shirts are quality Fruit of the Loom T Shirts in the sizes shown and are Khaki in colour...


We have taken two of the most iconic images in the military world and create one great designer T Shirt. The figure 11 target is iconic enough, but when you take the figure 11 target and add Che Guevara in to the mix on a desert tan khaki T Shirt then surely this is an absolute must have.

So we are giving you the chance to own and show off a fantastic T Shirt, but we are also making it a Limited Edition which basically means you will be one of a select few, in the 'whole wide world', who will ever be seen wearing one of these great iconic designs.


Che Guevara Figure 11 T Shirts

Click here to get your limited edition Iconic Designer T Shirt



SOCOM Tactical


Special Forces SOCOM American Tactical CD ROM


army lesson plans

Special Forces British Army Infantry Training Aids



army lesson plans

Special Forces British Army Lesson Plans



special forces procedures sops fighting skills

Special Forces' Procedures SOPs & SAS Fighting Techniques

Only 9.99



special forces sniper

Special Forces Sniper Training and Sniper Tactics CD ROM






Special Forces ANDROID APP - Survival Instruction



ANDROID APP Edible Plant Survival - Forage Foraging

Special Forces ANDROID APP Edible Plant Survival - Forage



ANDROID APP Unarmed Combat

Special Forces ANDROID APP Unarmed Combat





Special Forces Survival Video DVD

Special Forces Survival Video DVD Bushcraft film a great gift idea

Survival Instruction Guide Only 9.99 [only for a limited time]


desert survival

Special Forces' Desert Survival Warfare Info & Fighting Techniques CD ROM

Only 9.99


jungle survival

Special Forces' Jungle Survival Jungle Warfare Information and Fighting Techniques CD ROM

Only 9.99


survival instructors instruction

Special Forces Survival Instructors and Survival Instruction CD ROM


map reading and navigation skills

Special Forces' Map Reading Navigation & Compass Skills CD ROM

Only 9.99




NBC nuclear biological & chemical


Special Forces NBC Training and Information CD ROM


emergency planning

Special Forces Emergency Planning Procedures CD ROM


H5N1 bird flu


Only 1.00


combat first aid

Special Forces Combat First Aid CD ROM




unarmed combat


Special Forces' Unarmed Combat Hand to Hand Fighting Skills Manuals and Techniques CD ROM

Only 9.99



bodyguard close protection

Special Forces Bodyguard Close Protection Bodyguard Skills CD ROM

Only 12.00




weapon systems


Special Forces Weapon Systems and Manuals CD ROM



Special Forces Landrover Manuals CD ROM


fig figure 11 12 targets

Special Forces' Figure 11 Targets

From only 6.00




Military Sound Effects CD ROM


Military Sound Effects CD ROM

Only 7.99


H&K mp5 ringtone


Special Forces 9mm Heckler & Kock MP5 Ringtone Message Alert Sound Effect

Only 2.00


jimmpy GPMG 7.62 ringtone

Special Forces 7.62 GPMG Ringtone Gimmpy MP3 The General 762 Message Alert Sound Effect

Only 2.00


m4 a1 carbine ringtone

Special Forces M4 A1 Colt Carbine Ringtone MP3 5.56mm AR15 Message Alert Sound Effect

Only 2.00


weapon ringtones

Military Combat Army Machine Gun Grenade Drill Instructor Ringtones and Message Alerts

Only 2.00 each - many to choose from


Military Manuals to buy email/download

Individual military manuals and information to buy

From only 1.00 each - hundreds to choose from



bushcraft dvds

Special Forces Survival Skills DVD's

DVDs for you to improve your skills

Kit equipment combat survival

Special Forces Kit Survival Equipment

Survival Kit and Equipment for your enjoyment

survival books

Special Forces Survival Books

A selection of Survival Books - Knowledge is power

tracking techniques and skills of sas & special forces

Special Forces Tracking Techniques Skills

Tracking Skills & Techniques

knife knives

Special Forces Survival Knives

A special selection of survival knives

optics night visions scopes

Special Forces Optics Scopes Night Vision Binos Red Dot

Loads of Scopes Binos Optics Red/Green Dot Night Vision goods

2 two way radios

Special Forces 2 Two Way Radios and Coms

2 Two Way Radios and Coms Gear

first aid kits combat survival

Special Forces First Aid Kits

The best First Aid Kits for your protection

Military Special Forces Watches

Special Forces Watches

A Great Selection of Special Ops Watches

Special Forces Fighting Skills Books & DVDs

Fighting Skills of the Special Forces

Clothing, boots, PLCE, Webbing

Special Forces Clothing & PLCE Personal Load Carrying Equipment & Boots

Clothing Boots PLCE and more

hand 2 hand combat

Special Forces Hand to Hand Combat Skills Books & DVDs

Hand to Hand Combat Fighting Skills of the Special Forces

history of special forces books DVDs

History of the Special Forces Books & DVDs

A hand picked history of the special forces on books and DVD



buy it now 

 Full Catalogue of special forces procedures techniques and information

  - buy it now


  Hand Picked Hotels

Hand Picked Hotel - Gift Vouchers - SFAT Special Offer

 Gift Vouchers


take a look at these - a small sample of our content


  Radisson Edwardian


Special Forces Contact Drills Immediate Actions AIs and SOPs

on various CD ROMs


Special Forces Ambush Drills Immediate Actions AIs and SOPs

on various CD ROMs


Special Forces Bushcraft Fire lighting Fire Starting Skills and Techniques

on various CD ROMs


Special Forces Bushcraft Edible Plants Survival UK Great Britain England

on various CD ROMs



History of the SAS Special Air Service Chris Ryan B20, Andy McNab Bravo Two Zero & Eddie Stone, John 'Lofty' Wiseman all ex-SAS troopers of B SQN 22 Reg

History of the British SAS Special Air Service elite unit he who  dares wins



special forces skills and techniques

products to buy






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Survival Event - Training you how to Survive

We teach coach and provide training helping you to survive using survival skills

Survival Training Learn how to Survive and get back to Civilisation

This survival team building event will teach you all the survival skills required to survive


Special Forces Survival Video DVD film a great gift idea

Only 9.99 [only for a limited time]

Very cheap - click and buy it now

Great Survival DVD - Very Rare - A must have item


Buy figure 11 targets Buy figure 11 targets Buy figure 11 targets Buy figure 11 targets Buy figure 11 targets


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