Eddie Stone SAS elite British Special Forces 22 regiment B squadron Special Air Service, Soldiers Information Fighting Techniques

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Eddie Stone

Special Air Service


sas special air service british special forces elite beret cap badge

who dares wins


British Army Elite Special Forces Unit


Role 21 SAS - Close Target Reconnaissance

22 SAS - Counter-Revolutionary Warfare/Counter-Terrorism

23 SAS - Close Target Reconnaissance

Size Three Regiments

Part of UK Special Forces

Garrison/HQ RHQ - Credenhill

21st Regiment - London

22nd Regiment - Credenhill

23rd Regiment - Wolverhampton


Eddie Stone ex sas regement b squadron special air service

[     Eddie Stone    ]

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Trooper EStone was born in Scotland in the 60's

Eddie Stone grew up in Campbeltown, Argyllshire, Scotland where as a young boy he used to enjoy fishing, playing in the hills and around the fort north of the Loch near Summerhill. He made easy map reading in the mountains around where he grew up.   He started his educated at Dalintober Primary and moved on to  Campbeltown Grammar School.  One of his educational achievements was a 1st Class Diploma in Business management.  

In 1970 Eddie joined the Scotland's' own Regiment of Foot Guards.   Scots Guardsmen are fiercely proud of their unbroken service and loyalty to the Monarch and their hard won reputation as fighting soldiers. Underpinning the highest standards of ceremonial duties in front of Buckingham Palace in the heart of London is the fact that every Guardsman is a fully trained, self-disciplined infantry soldier ready for war fighting or peacekeeping operations at short notice in arduous conditions in any part of the world. Eddie Stone served with the Scots Guards in the UK, Hong Kong, Belize, Germany, Canada and Northern Ireland where he successfully completed 8 operational tours.

Eddie applied to go on SAS selection and passed thanks to his strong willpower attitude and fittness, Stone  found passing selection as a bit of an anti-climax, being a Scots Guardsman for many years he expected at least a band playing when he passed selection, not just an SAS beret skimmed across a table at you by a Rupert.  He went through various phases of SAS training and served in B & G squadron 22 SAS until he eventually left the SAS in November 1989.   Some of the places he served in are the Far East, Middle East, South and Central America, Falklands, Northern Ireland and Europe.

Trooper Stone specialised in Air Troop and spent some time with 'The Team' CRW Unit, which is on of the four Troops which use HAHO and HALO air insertion techniques to get to the FOBL as quickly, silently as possible without detection.  As part of  he general training he achieve mainly the following qualifications, which are: -

Patrol Signaller;

Patrol Para Medic;

Advanced Demolitions;

Sniper specialist;

Close Quarter Battle instructor (CQBI);

Combat Survival Instructor;

Close Protection Course;

Close Protection Instructor see Bodyguard Page;

Arabic Language Course;

High Altitude Parachuting (HAHO/HALO);

Small Arms Instructor;

Counter Terrorist Instructor (CRW);

Abseil Instructor(CRW)

When Eddie left the SAS he suffered from many of the problems experience by all ex-sas, life and relationships are hard enough when you are in 'The Regiment' but it just gets harder to deal with when you leave.  Eddie has coped well with adapting back into civilian life and has work as a Postman and as a Labourer on building site.  But you can't just turn your back on such a life that he has lived. So he found himself working in Southern Africa for WWF training Anti-poaching teams for a number of years. Whilst working in South Africa Eddie had the honour of being a bodyguard (BG) for Nelson Mandela, on quite a few occasions. Eddie also joined Kangwane Parks as Training Officer again for a number of years before he moved on to be the Operations Director of Security Company in Johannesburg RSA for four years.  In 2004 he was appointed to the Training and Education Board of (IBSSA) International Bodyguard and Security Services Association.  In the same year he was appointed Chief Instructor to IBSSA and later to Master Instructor.

Eddie has also presented 4 Programme's for the BBC, extreme "outward bound" adventure shows based on real-life SAS recruitment/training exercises. There were three series: the first was based in the Scottish highlands, then there was SAS Jungle, filmed in Borneo, and SAS Desert made in Namibia. Certainly one of the toughest game shows ever seen on British television (in the Jungle series, contestants were being invalided out, or dropped out voluntarily, at such a rate that there weren't even any proper "evictions" until just before the final), and the "winners" didn't get anything at the end other than the respect of Staff Sergeant Eddie Stone and his serving/ex-sas buddies.  Desert - SAS Are You Tough Enough? was where twenty-four super-fit members of the public go back to the roots of the SAS, taking on weeks of Special Forces training in the desert environment in which the regiment first fought and was born as a result of the persistence of David Stirling who created the whole History behind the SAS Regiment. Dermot O'Leary was once again on hand to commentate on the new recruits' progress, as Staff Sergeant Eddie Stone put them through their paces. SAS survival expert Barry Davies and Dr Mike Stroud also checked up on the volunteers during the training phases.  The unforgiving terrain of Namibia's Skeleton Coast was the setting for the gruelling challenge, as the men and women learned to live, travel and fight like the military elite.

Using ex-SAS men 'SAS Survival Secrets: Sabre Squadron' is a vivid and detailed recreation of a typical mission calling upon all four Troops of the Squadron (air, boat, mobility and mountain). The Squadron capture and extract a wanted war criminal from his residence in a hostile country.  Eddie Stone and his team also revealed the extraordinary qualities every SAS soldier must possess by re-enacting the rigorous Regiment selection and training regime, where more than 75 out of 100 of the British Army's best men fail

In SAS Survival Secrets - Guardians Against Terror Eddie and ex-SAS men provided a vividly detailed recreation of a typical close protection teams mission. A four man SAS team is assigned to protect an uncooperative British minister on a foreign state visit. At first the team's meticulous planning pays off, but they are overruled on security by local forces. When the Minister and foreign leaders are kidnapped and held hostage, the team must don their 'Black Kit' and launch a rescue mission.  On the mission Eddie Stone is joined by John McAleese, MM, a real life veteran of the Iranian Embassy assault team (the first man on the balcony who over did the charge to blow an entry point through the window) and a man with over twenty years of experience of providing close protection services to both the British PM and members of Royalty. Together they revealed both the secrets of successful Close Protection and the SAS techniques for hostage rescue as part of 'The Team' (CRW).

Again using ex-SAS men Eddie used SAS Survival Secrets: Behind Enemy Lines, for the BBC, to portray a vivid and detailed recreation of a typical mission. Inserted by boat, a four man patrol set up an offensive OP Observation Post close to an enemy base. Their mission: to gather intelligence and to `take out` a maverick General. After a daring sniper attack, the team break for their extraction point but experience almost constant close contacts with enemy forces under various scenarios. As casualties mount, escape seems almost impossible. SAS veteran Eddie Stone explains his patrol`s weaponry, combat options, evasion and survival tactics and dealing with TQ's.  From surviving interrogation to emergency battlefield medicine, Eddie provided the closest insight yet into what it`s like to be an SAS man in a fighting patrol trying to survive behind enemy lines.  Eddie has also given background assistance on a number of projects including SAS the real story.

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